Deep + Nitrox W-End

thebillsPADI Deep and Nitrox Specialty Weekend

Scubadive West runs a very popular PADI Deep and Nitrox Specialty weekend, where divers can achieve two PADI Specialties in one weekend. We offer a special package price on this weekend with a saving of more than €50.

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Deep Diver

PADI Deep Diver Specialty                                    Joe-Bills-H

What does the Deep Diver course qualify me to do?

PADI's Deep Diver Specialty will teach you the skills and techniques associated with diving to a maximum depth of 40 metres.

You will learn deep diving limits and how to stay within them; your skills will improve as you practice deep diving techniques and you will undertake four openwater dives, ranging from 18 + metres to 40 metres.

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Digital Photography

PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty

Take only pictures, leave only bubbles. Digital underwater photography is quickly becoming one of the most fascinating activities for water enthusiasts around the world. If you are a snorkeler, scuba diver or aquatic enthusiast you now have the added thrill of reliving your adventures with digital underwater photography.                                                  dogfish

The course content focuses on today's point-and-shoot cameras, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to easily obtain captivating underwater photos. This PADI Specialty will help you to avoid the frustration of trying to teach yourself the art of digital photography through trial and error. You will shorten your learning curve and get great underwater underwater photos immediately by enrolling in the Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty.

What Will My Course Cover?

The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer at Scubadive West takes place over two consecutive days. Cameras can be provided if required. Of course, learning with your own camera is fantastic and you will feel really confident leaving here. Our private cove is the perfect place to hone your skills and offers plenty of 'snapping' opportunities; our resident sacallops, anemones, urechins, hermit crabs and lobsters are willing models! Price is €260



2017 PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course Dates

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March 2017.


Additional courses can be scheduled on demand so do contact us.


How Do I Book My Place?

Simply contact us with deposit details of €80.


Wild Atlantic Way                         

Discover Scubadive West, we are on the Wild Atlantic Way!


Discover Tec

Discover Tec Diving

PADI's Discover Tec experience aims to introduce interested divers to the world of technical diving. It is a great way to try tec diving before committing to a course. Anybody from Openwater (or equivalent) can take part.

What will my experience include?                         distec

This half day experience will introduce divers to the fundamentals of tec diving, the equipment required for this fascinating discipline and the opportunities for further training. This complete, divers will have the chance to become familiar with the equipment in shallow water before moving to an openwater dive; maximum depth of 10 metres. All the training will take place in our private, seawater cove.

Will I need any equipment?

Outside of your basic dive gear; i.e. exposure suit, mask and fins; all the tec equipment will be provided. This includes a twinset, regulators and backplate, wing and harness.

Who is Scubadive West's Technical Dive Instructor?

Cillian Gray, PADI Course Director and Tec Instructor, heads up all of our technical dive training.

How much does it cost?

Cost for this half-day experience is €80.

When Can I do it?

Our next Discover Tec will take place at 10am on Saturday 25th September.

Thursday 5th November.

To book, simply call Scubadive West on 095 43922.

Wild Atlantic Way

Discover Scubadive West, we are on the Wild Atlantic Way!


Drysuit Diver

PADI Drysuit Specialty                            drysuita

What does the PADI Drysuit diver Course Cover?

Looking to dive comfortably in Ireland throughout the year; chilly winter months included? A drysuit is the answer. At Scubadive West we conduct the PADI Drysuit Specialty over one day; training includes classroom time, confined water and open water training. Our experienced (and drysuit clad!) PADI Instructors will teach you procedures and techniques for handling and avoiding potential problems; help you master buoyancy control in a drysuit; and teach you about drysuit maintenance and repair. Price is €210.



Drysuits Provided

Scubadive West is unique in providing drysuits for the course, so you can try one out before committing to a purchase. Our rental dry suits are O'Three neoprene dry suits and we also provide Fourth Element Xerotherm and Arctic thermals. We have a full range of both mens and ladies sizes in our rental stock. Our experienced staff will talk you through the various options; for example membrane versus neoprene; helping you make an informed decision.



2018 PADI Drysuit Specialty Course Dates

Friday 26th. January

Friday 23rd. February

Saturday 24th February

Friday 23rd. March

Saturday 24th. March

Friday 13th. April

Friday 11th. May

Friday 8th. June

Friday 20th. July

Friday 24th. August

Friday 21st. September

October date to be confirmed

Friday 2nd November

Saturday 3rd November

Additional courses can be scheduled on demand so do contact us. New dates just added in bold!


Special Offer for Winter dates, valid in 2018

Book your PADI Drysuit Specialty and PADI Advanced Openwater Course at the same time, and receive €50 off the total price. Visit our PADI Advanced Openwater page for more information on this offer.





How do I Book My Drysuit Course?

Simply contact us with deposit details of €50.

Wild Atlantic Way

Discover Scubadive West, we are on the Wild Atlantic Way!


Hard Hat Diver

'Hard Hat' Diver Specialty

Try a Dive in Commercial Diving Gear!  commercial a1

Scubadive West is delighted to offer divers the opportunity to walk the seabed wearing the equipment used by commercial divers on diving projects; from harbour construction, to deepwater salvage and rig work. Breathe air supplied from the surface dive station via an umbilical and talk to your dive supervisor over the communications system.

Who can participate in this unique PADI specialty?

Any diver with an entry level qualification can try "hard hat" diving on this fun one day Specialty. Those considering a career in commercial diving will really benefit from this introduction to the discipline. Divers must be over 18 years of age. Please note this PADI Specialty Course will not count as one of the 5 required towards PADI Master Scuba Diver.

What will this progamme involve?

Tiernan Gray and Cillian Gray, both highly experienced PADI Diving Instructors and commercial divers, will teach this distinctive PADI Specialty. The morning will be spent in the classroom and provide information on surface-supplied commercial diving equipment and techniques. Learn about the differences between commercial diving and recreational diving, and become familiar with the different techniques used while using surface-supplied gear. Impartial information will be provided on commercial diver training and qualifications, as well as an overview of the contemporary commercial industry.

The afternoon will be spent in the water where you will see a surface-supplied diving system assembled at a typical inshore location. The various components of the gear will be explained and the role of each dive team member outlined. Once familiar with the equipment and procedures, you will undertake a short shallow dive wearing commercial diving gear.

Please note that this specialty is an experience programme and does not qualify candidates to engage in any form of underwater work or to use surface supplied diving equipment.

How much does it cost?         commercial b



Cost for this one day PADI Specialty is €200 with booking by €50 deposit. All necessary equipment and materials will be provided. All you will need to bring is your drysuit: these can be provided if needed.

When will this Specialty take place in 2013?


Contact us for dates.

Please note that Scubadive West reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course based on weather and bookings.

Contact us to book your place!


Master Scuba Diver

PADI Master Scuba Diver

Join the elite in recreational scuba diving and become a PADI Master Scuba Diver. Live the dive lifestyle and explore the underwater world like never before. The PADI Master Scuba Diver is a rating, which will put you into a class of scuba diving distinction. You earn it by diving it, writing your ticket to endless adventure through the experience and training that set you apart as a PADI Master Scuba Diver.

Who Is a PADI Master Scuba Diver?

As a PADI Master Scuba Diver, you have reached the highest non professional level in the PADI system of diver education. It means that you have acquired significant training and experience in a variety of dive environments.

What do I Need?

To qualify as a PADI Master Scuba Diver you require:

- Evidence of 50 logged dives

- PADI Rescue Diver certification

- 5 PADI diving Specialty certifications


PADI Specialty Courses to Choose From:

At Scubadive West, you can choose your Specialty courses from a range including Digital Underwater Photographer, Enriched Air Diver, Drysuit Diver, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Boat Diver, Underwater Navigator and National Geographic name but a few!

The staff from PADI Headquarters dived with us to promote the PADI Master Scuba Diver Programme!



Night Diver

PADI Night Diver Specialty 

Enter a new world and watch it come to life. Plunge into an exciting yet mysterious environment, where you can see the aquatic life and underwater surroundings in a new light.

What Will I Learn?

The PADI Night Diver Specialty consists of three dives, covering such skills as; night dive planning, types of night dive equipment, night dive navigation, various entry and exit techniques, and more.

At the end of this PADI Specialty, you will have the skills and confidence to night dive independently with a similarly experienced buddy.

Price is €195 including PADI materials and certification

When Can I do My Night Diver Specialty?

Please contact us should you wish to undertake the PADI Night Diver Specialty at Scubadive West.


Nitrox Diver

PADI Nitrox Diver Specialty Course 

Welcome to one of PADI's most popular specialties, the Nitrox course. Diving enriched air nitrox lets you safely extend your no decompression limits, which means more time underwater and shorter surface intervals; so you can get back in the water sooner. Whether you're into underwater photography, wreck diving or just out for a leisurely day of diving, the PADI Enriched Air Diver course will keep you where you want to be...underwater.

What Does this Enriched Air Diver Course Involve?

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course takes place over one day at Scubadive West, and includes classroom time and an actual dive breathing enriched air. We are one of the few dive centres to include a dive as part of this course.

Price is €195

2017 Nitrox Course Dates

Saturday 22nd April 2017

Additional courses can be scheduled on demand so do contact us.

2017 Combined Deep & Nitrox Specialty Weekend

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April 2017


Additional courses can be scheduled on demand so do contact us.

How Do I Book My Place?

Simply contact us with deposit details of €65.

phone +353 (0)95 43922

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Search & Recovery

PADI Search and Recovery Diver Specialty

PADI's Search and Recovery Diver Specialty course enhances your navigational skills, and teaches you the essentials of search and recovery diving. You will learn how to safely use a lift bag for raising an object from the seabed, the use of transit points in marking an underwater site, practise a variety of search patterns and decide on the best search technique for a particular situation.

What does this course involve?

Scubadive West runs this course over two consecutive days, and four training dives.

Price €275

2014 Search & Recovery Course Dates

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th September.

Call or email us for further dates.

Courses can be scheduled on demand so do contact us.

How do I Book My Place?

Simply contact us with deposit details of €75.


Tec 40

PADI Tec 40

Interested in going beyond the limits of recreational scuba diving? Looking to improve your dive skills, and become an even better buddy? PADI's Tec 40 course is your ticket to life with 'deeper meaning'! Your first step into the world of technical diving, PADI's Tec 40 course will introduce you to the fundamentals of this fascinating sport and teach you the necessary skills.

Scubadive West is delighted to offer the PADI Tec 40 course on an ongoing basis. Cillian Gray, PADI Course Director and Tec Instructor, will head up your training.

What will the PADI Tec 40 course qualify me to do?

Use decompression software and dive computers to plan and make decompression dives with not more than 10 minutes of total decompression and not deeper than 40 metres.

Use a single cylinder of decompression gas with up to 50% oxygen (EANx50) to add conservatism to the required decompression.

What will I do on the Tec 40 course?

You qualify as a Tec40 diver through practical theory and training dives; including tec diving drills. This course will take place over two and a half days.

Your first and second day involve two shore based dives where you will practise the following skills:

- Equipment assembly

- Valve shut down and isolation

- SMB use in preparation for extended deco stops

- Out of gas drills

- NO TOX switches

- Removal and replacement of stage bottles in water

- Advanced neutral buoyancy skills

Day three will see you undertaking two boat dives, to a maximum depth of 40 metres. You will apply the skills learnt previously and work closely with your buddy in dive planning. Your first boat dive will be a simulated decompression dive, while your second dive of the day will be an actual decompression dive.

Who can enroll on the PADI Tec 40 course?

Anybody looking to participate in the PADI Tec 40 course will need to meet the following criteria:

- Certified PADI Advanced Openwater or equivalent from another training organisation

- Certified as a PADI Enriched Air Nitrox diver or equivalent from another training organisation

- Certified as a PADI Deep Diver or equivalent from another training organisation or show proof of at least 10 dives to 30 metres

- Have at least 30 logged dives, 10 of which were made on Enriched Air Nitrox to a minimum of 18 metres

What dive equipment will I need for the Tec 40 course?

One advantage of the PADI Tec 40 course is it can be undertaken using your existing recreational dive gear, with some slight alterations. Scubadive West will provide the required cylinders and long regulator hoses for the courses. You will need to provide an additional regualtor; including first and second stage.

How much does the Tec 40 cost & when can I do it?

This course costs €499. Book your place with a deposit of €95. We will then post you your Crewpack and required PDFs; Tec 40 handout and Tec 40 knowledge reviews.

2017 Tec 40 Course Dates.

Friday 19th May to Sunday 21st May 2017.

The course starts at 1pm on Friday and runs until Sunday afternoon. 

Call or email us for further 2017 dates.

Contact us with your booking.


Tec 45

PADI Tec 45 at Scubadive West

The PADI Tec 45 course picks up where Tec 40 leaves off, and will take your training as a tec diver further and deeper. It is the second subcourse in the full PADI Tec Diver course. Tec 40 > Tec 45 > Tec 50

What will Tec 45 qualify me to do?

adrian tom deco

Develop the skills, equipment and planning needed to dive to a maximum of 45 metres

Gain the knowledge to plan and execute single and repetitive decompression dives.

Use a single stage cylinder of EANx or oxygen to accelerate or add conservatism to the decompression stops

What will I do on Tec 45 at Scubadive West?

Under the direct supervision of Cillian Gray, PADI Course Director and Technical Instructor, you will qualify as a Tec 45 diver through practical theory and training dives; including tec diving drills.

Skills undertaken will include:

- Students must use full technical rig; unlike the Tec 40 course

- Accelerate deco by actually switching a multi gas computer or by using desktop deco software; divers simulate up to four different deco stops (e.g. 12m, 9m, 6m and 3m)

- Use two stage/deco cylinders with up to 100% O2

- In full technical equipment, including stage/deco cylinder, demonstrate buoyancy control and the ability to hover over the bottom for not less than one minute

- Swim not less than 18 metres with no mask on, while sharing gas via long hose as the receiver

- Demonstrate managing a drift decompression using a lift bag/DSMB after primary BCD failure by ascending, establishing neutral buoyancy and beginning a simulated accelerated neutrally buoyant decompression

Who can enroll on the PADI Tec 45 course?

Anyone looking to participate in the Tec 45 course must meet the following criteria:

- Certified as a PADI Rescue Diver (or hold an equivalent from another organisation)

- Certified as a PADI Enriched Air Diver (or hold an equivalent from another organisation)

- Certified as a PADI Deep Diver (or hold an equivalent from another training organisation)

- Certified as a PADI Tec 40 Diver (or hold an equivalent from another organisation)

- Have a minimum of 50 logged dives, of which 12 were made with enriched air deeper than 18 metres and 6 (with or without enriched air) dives were deeper than 30 metres

- Have a medical statement signed by a doctor

How much does the Tec 45 cost and when can I do it?

The course costs €499, with booking by a deposit of €95.

Scubadive West's next Tec 45 course will take on 28th, 29th & 30th of January 2011. This course will take place over two and a half days, starting on Friday afternoon and finishing on Sunday evening.

How do I book?

Contact us for more information on Tec 45 and to book your place.


Tec Rec

PADI Technical Dive Courses  tecbanner



Technical diving is diving's "extreme sport", taking experienced divers far deeper than in recreational diving. You want to go deeper than 40 metres? Building in extended decompression stops? Diving in an overhead environment? Using variable gases in one dive? You need to go tec, and to go tec you need the training.

PADI's Tec Rec Programmes at Scubadive West

Cillian Gray, PADI Course Director, is Scubadive West's resident technical diving instructor. Using his years of teaching experience, Cillian will integrate your learning into PADI's Tec Rec philosophy. So,

- Providing a seamless course that takes you from beginning tec diver to one qualified to the outer reaches of sport diving using different gas mixes

- Introducing you to new gear at each level, and planning and procedures appropriate to extend your diving limits

The PADI Tec Diver course is an integrated sequence of three subcourses

Tec 40

Tec 45

Tec 50

Anybody wanting to try tec diving before committing to a course can undertake a Discover Tec experience.


Underwater Navigation

PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty 

Become the diver everyone wants to follow and make your sense of direction legendary with this two day PADI Specialty.

What will I learn?

Master the challenge of underwater navigation with the following course components:

- Navigation patterns

- Natural navigation without a compass

- How to mark, or relocate a submerged object from the surface

- Underwater map marking

- Underwater distance estimation

These skills are acquired through a mix of classroom and openwater training dives.

Who is eligible for this course?

Anyone from PADI Openwater and above (or equivalent) can enroll.

How much will this course cost?

This course costs €195 and takes place over two full days at Scubadive West. Book your place with a deposit of €65.

When can I undertake this course in 2016?

Contact us for details on our next Underwater Navigator Specialty Course.

Additional courses can be scheduled on demand.


We have scheduled boat dives departing to world class dive sites and shore diving onsite in our private sheltered cove. Our purpose built dive centre has hot showers, male and female changing rooms, coffee dock & viewing area with free Wi-Fi, Air and Nitrox to 300 bar, our extensive rental room includes top of the range neoprene drysuits and thermals, semi-drys, weight integrated BCD's and regulators fitted with dive computers. We are agents for Scubapro, SUUNTO, O'Three, Fourth Element, Analox, Oceanic and many more. We are also an IDEST approved Dive Cylinder Testing House. 

                                                          Wild Atlantic Way     



Discover Scubadive West, we are on the Wild Atlantic Way!